Executive Flight Charter


Executive Flight Charter

    • Minimum time, maximum comfort and safety.
    • You set up a flight route and have the right to adjust the route, departure time, date and other parameters.
    • At your request we have  a wide range of VIP aircrafts. We offer a choice of several options and you will make the ultimate choice.
    • A selection of drinks and finest cuisines from the best restaurants will be served on board.


Commercial / Group Charter Flight

    • Large group flight is ideal for business meetings, conferences, business seminars, summits, concerts, etc.
    • We offer you roomier and very comfortable aircrafts made in foreign countries. These aircrafts are undoubtedly more suitable than charter flights of scheduled airlines.
    • You will travel in absolute privacy with your colleagues and loved ones  during a flight of any distance.

From the moment you inquire about a charter trip, until your return, relaxed and on schedule. When you travel with ASA, you can expect contingency plans on follow up details planned out  in advance, and a complete briefing about your journey. The only surprises that awaits you are surprises that goes beyond your request.