Our Profile

Picture2Aerospeed Asia provides a high level of quality and compassionate services. With Bed-to-Bed Medivac Service, VIP Charter service,Commercial Charter service, Commercial Airline Stretcher service and Commercial Medical Escorts.We are available to transport all international patients including burned victims, ventilated, neonatal and critical care patients. We are a team of healthcare, aviation and legal professionals who are dedicated to exceeding our patients’ expectations and fulfilling our promises.



Our Mission We CARE, We SHARE With SPEED Anywhere.

Mission Statement

S – SMART. Providing SMART  free superior quality services to customer.

P – Pro Active. Plan the mission proactively and contingency plan for every mission to ensure customer gets superior service.

E – Efficiently working on your behalf to ensure a successful mission.

E – Cost Effective. Provide superior service with cost effective.

D – Distinctively perform services to customer which exceed the quality of any other organization.

Our mission is to save, protect and care your loved ones with our effective and efficient service. We value life and we want to bring relief and joy back to you. We will accomplish our mission by being passionate about our core principles of customer service, integrity, and operational excellence.